Hey:) I'm Rachel. 18 years old. Music is my life. I want to travel the world.
*Ugly on the skin lovely from within*

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I don’t know if my friends understand that they could literally invite me over to sit on their floor and watch a dumb movie. Like I’m really not hard to please, you don’t even have to feed me. Very low maintenance friend right here…I just want to do something that is not at my house okay.

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yeah mom im ok i just dont want to be alive haha

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"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
from Zen Shin Talks  (via lovely—delight)

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Moving to Atlanta to become a stripper.
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Okanagan, Canada  |  Steve Hancock



be there or 


That square is 5 bees by 6 bees I’ll have you know that is a bee rectangle you have failed

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does anybody else think tired and sleepy mean two totally different things

sleepy is cute and dozing off and happy but tired is 10 cups of coffee and murder


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